10 Things Every Chocolate Lover Needs to Know

As chocolate lovers rejoice, tablets (and for once, not just those sculpted at the gym), would be good for your health! As long as you do not abuse it … Here are ten good reasons not to feel guilty anymore.

Chocolate is perhaps the most comforting food that everyone enjoys.Especially I love Lindt balls,  When you’re stressed or sad, eating chocolate makes you feel better and when things go well, it can make a good thing even better ! Chocolate can even arouse feelings of love (why do men give chocolate to women as a gift?)

A bar of healthy chocolate or a homemade hot chocolate, sounds like an oxymoron, alongside an honest politician, but the latest research indicates that eating chocolate has more benefits than most people know.

1 / The chocolate is an excellent antidepressant

Cacao stops memory loss and avoids cavities through its tannin, fluorine and phosphate content. As long as you choose black, not milk, too rich in sugar.it can really help you went it comes to your mental health and body.

2 / The chocolate has aphrodisiac properties

The chocolate would have a positive impact on the libido, and especially on that of women. You know what you have to do before a romantic evening!