10 Things Every Chocolate Lover Needs to Know

As chocolate lovers rejoice, tablets (and for once, not just those sculpted at the gym), would be good for your health! As long as you do not abuse it … Here are ten good reasons not to feel guilty anymore.

Chocolate is perhaps the most comforting food that everyone enjoys.Especially I love Lindt balls,  When you’re stressed or sad, eating chocolate makes you feel better and when things go well, it can make a good thing even better ! Chocolate can even arouse feelings of love (why do men give chocolate to women as a gift?)

A bar of healthy chocolate or a homemade hot chocolate, sounds like an oxymoron, alongside an honest politician, but the latest research indicates that eating chocolate has more benefits than most people know.

1 / The chocolate is an excellent antidepressant

Cacao stops memory loss and avoids cavities through its tannin, fluorine and phosphate content. As long as you choose black, not milk, too rich in sugar.it can really help you went it comes to your mental health and body.

2 / The chocolate has aphrodisiac properties

The chocolate would have a positive impact on the libido, and especially on that of women. You know what you have to do before a romantic evening!

3 / Chocolate stimulates certain areas of the brain

Phenylethylamine, a substance that stimulates the same areas of the brain as amphetamines, is found in chocolate. Overdose allowed!

4 / Chocolate, a real natural medicine

More than 300 active substances are contained in chocolate. Potassium, magnesium, iron, anti-oxidants … What to be in shape all year long!

5 / Chocolate to fight against stress

Because of its magnesium content, chocolate can reduce stress. Treat yourself to some squares after a hectic day.

6 / The chocolate is recommended for pregnant women

Chocolate would protect pregnant women by significantly reducing the risk of pregnancy-related arterial disease. It’s the baby that will be happy!

7 / Chocolate is good for cholesterol

Incredible but true: cocoa is able to protect the body against bad cholesterol thanks to the flavonoids it contains.

8 / The chocolate is antioxidant

The antioxidant capacity of cocoa would be much higher than that of tea and wine, thanks to the flavonoids and active minerals it contains.

9 / The chocolate reduces the tension

Eating six grams of dark chocolate a day would help lower blood pressure.

10 / Chocolate, new aspirin?

Chocolate would have an anticoagulant effect, comparable to that of aspirin. The tablet soon reimbursed by the Secu?

Important things to know

Like most things in life, chocolate should be consumed in moderation to be healthy. In this case, moderation means about 1 time a day. The average size chocolate bar contains about 3.5 ounces, so be sure to divide this beautiful chocolate bar in three and enjoy a piece a day!

Also, be aware that much of the chocolate on sale is not healthy and it is not of high quality. Always check with dark chocolate you buy contains 70% or more cocoa.

You should also avoid dark chocolate naming Dutch or that it has been treated with alkali.

Treating dark chocolate with alkali reduces some of the bitter taste, but it also significantly reduces the healthy antioxidants.

While it is true that dark chocolate contains sugar, it contains much less than the average chocolate bar in milk. Look for a dark chocolate brand which sugar is the last or the last ingredient on the list. Usually, most chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa, the less it contains sugar. I love Lindt balls chocolate, what about you?