6 signs that your body is aging too quickly

Scientists believe that the rate at which you age depends mainly on external factors and not on genetics. Only 20% of the impact is determined by heredity. A person’s mental age greatly influences their appearance. This is why people of the same age can look younger or older than they really are.

6. Extremely dry skin


Signs of skin aging usually appear after the age of 25, but due to unfavorable factors, they may appear earlier. Over time, these signs become more distinct. In addition to hormonal problems, an unhealthy lifestyle can affect the condition of the skin. An unbalanced diet, neglect of sunscreen, high-stress levels – all of these factors slow down the skin’s renewal process.

How to prevent: make sure your diet is as balanced as possible, with enough vegetables, berries, and foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as nuts, vegetable oils, and seeds.