7 things that happen to your body if you sleep on your left side


As a general rule, your sleeping position is a sort of “everything you do” scenario. There are many best sides to sleep on common positions that people assume when they fall asleep, including on the side, stomach, back, or huddled in the fetal position.

Some people have stayed relatively still all night and others are turning around until they fall asleep. Everything is fine as long as you do not wake up badly, and yes you don’t need alcohol rehab.

However, It could be great to use a manta sleep mask. Your body is actually still active during this time, digesting dinner and recharging your batteries, without forgetting oxygenation and blood circulation. Ultimately, the position you take while sleeping enormous impact on the effectiveness of these processes and interrupted sleep.

According to a sleep study at the American Sleep Foundation, sleep better simply means being able to function until the end of the next day, without feeling drowsy. Here is the example is given by Charles Morin, an expert on sleep problems, in his book Conquering the Enemies of Sleep 4: “Usually, a well-rested person will remain vigilant, even in an overheated room while listening to an uninteresting lecture as a result of a generous meal. Another clue: if in the morning, you tend to press the snooze button, you probably have not slept enough.

Everyone is looking for the cure for insomnia and using manta sleep, and Sleeping on the left side is the gold standard for sleep positioning, and we have seven compelling reasons. Not convinced? Stay with us as we count the paths.