8 Foods Women Should NEVER Eat When Losing Weight

You feel at the right time, so you made the very important decision to lose weight.

The next thing you will surely wonder is how you should go about your weight loss journey.

The best way to approach healthy and sensible weight loss is to eat healthily, reduce fatty and sugary foods, and exercise daily.

However, with supermarket shelves stacked with food promising to provide the weight loss you want; it is difficult to determine which products will work for you and which ones will not.

There are diet foods, low-fat foods, low sugar foods and many more, but many do not work and that’s why women like you do not lose what they want, quickly accumulating pounds because they give up quickly.

In this article, we will look at the foods you should never eat to lose weight and we will explain why they will not help you look for a slim, slender body.

1. artificial sweetener

If you feel that you are making a big difference by adding an artificial sweetener to your drinks, cereal or a bowl of fruit, think again.

First of all, these types of sweeteners are not so safe (some may even be carcinogenic) and many studies have shown that the consumption of sweeteners can lead to weight gain.

Various animal studies show that artificial sweeteners can lead to a sweet appetite.

It’s simple: when the brain thinks that it takes something sweet and does not consume the calories it wants, it asks for more, so you run the risk of falling into a vicious circle.


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