AVOCADO : the underestimated food

Good for health, ally slimming, satiating, appetite suppressant … Contrary to popular belief, avocado is a healthy food, tasty and highly recommended in a balanced diet. Excellent for health, it has real nutritional benefits and boosts even the benefits of other raw vegetables.


Because of its high-fat content (14.6 g / 100 g) and calories (160 kcal / 100 g), it’s hard to imagine that the lawyer could become our best friend … 10 to 20 times fatter than any other product of the same nutritional category, its asset lies in the monounsaturated fatty acids it contains, and which earned him the title of health ally and superfood! Indeed, acids reduce cholesterol levels, soothe the feeling of hunger and reduce abdominal fat.

In addition, it deserves a place of choice in our summer salads because it is full of health benefits. Indeed, just like olive oil, avocado boosts the benefits of other fruits and vegetables by promoting intestinal absorption of antioxidants contained in raw vegetables. For example, it multiplies by 4 the lycopene uptake rate of tomatoes, a nutrient with anti-cancer properties; and it doubles the absorption of beta-carotene carrots, peppers and spinach shoots, ideal for youthful skin, eyes, and also for a harmonious natural tan.

But that’s not all, its healthy fats (oleic acid, linoleic acid …) also help regulate the rate of bad cholesterol and preserve our cardiovascular system. Also rich in potassium (485 mg / 100 g), which protects against high blood pressure, and in magnesium (29 mg / 100 g) which reduces the risk of myocardial infarction, the avocado is undoubtedly a superfood!



Every week, many of us make the decision to pay attention to our diet and avoid eating sweets and fat … And yet, at tea time, our sugar craving is stronger than our will and we end by cracking …

Yet, according to a new scientific study conducted by Dr. Joan Sabate, a nutritionist Linda University in California, it would not be so hard to avoid snacks … According to him, it would be sufficient to review the composition of our plate at lunchtime and add an indispensable food: the lawyer. Including half a lawyer at your lunch would allow you to reduce your desire to eat by 40% within three hours. Within five hours of lunch, the desire to snack would be reduced by 28%.

This conclusion comes from the results of an experiment conducted with 26 overweight adults and reported in the journal Nutrition Journal.

Thus, avocado, high in fiber, is a valuable ally for those who want to keep the line. A fat food that makes you lose weight that we recommend you to add in your smoothies for breakfast, in a good salad detox throughout the summer or in your aperitifs in the form of guacamole!

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