Hello, greedy! History to warm up a bit under this pouring rain I propose a new hot chocolate recipe (lactose-free)!

After a week of crumbling under work and in the company of a nasty microbe who did not want to let go I’m back with this simple recipe but 100% comforting!
A week ago it was snowing in Marseille, it was absolutely magical to see it on waking (we even went out in pajamas in the street to take pictures ^^)!
We can say that Mr. Weather had planned well since my sister had come to visit us at the same time which allowed him to discover Marseille in the snow, with the wind but also with a beautiful Sun!
The weekend was also so intense that it is probably why I fell sick following!
In short, all that to say that since last week I dream of a really good hot chocolate because since she left it has not really redone very beautiful (and it is cold!).
Discount more or less on foot I could make myself yesterday afternoon good chocolate while making the Christmas tree with my darling and since it is the lights of the tree that enlighten us because outside it is all black!
When I talk to you about hot chocolate I’m obviously talking about really good chocolate, creamy, which we can not do without and that makes you take + 6kg on the scale (FALSE!).
I like it so much that I have already tested a good number of recipes and all the years are good to make new ones !!
If you are in Marseille you can taste very good at Amorino (go there empty stomach because nothing but a cup will fill it ^^) and if you are on Aix-en-Provence house Nosh is a very very good (with pretty designs on the top!)
This one I prepared with soy milk calcium that I discovered during shooting for the brand Bonneterre with whom I work regularly (you will also find this recipe on their milk bottles). It is much more digestible than chocolate with animal milk. Usually I use almond milk but I know that many cannot be tasted almond so if you are allergic to lactose soy milk may be the perfect compromise for you because it has not really no taste (and allergic or not it will be more digestible than with cow’s milk) and you can take a second cup)!

I leave you with the recipe, nothing very complicated but do not hesitate to give me a little return or to share the recipe of your favorite chocolate 😉 and I leave you with some pictures of snow! ♥



Dark chocolate – 100g
Soy milk calcium – 250ml
Agave syrup (or honey or maple syrup) – 1 tsp (+ or -)
Mashed almond or hazelnut – 1 Tsp



For 250ml of hot chocolate, to fill two cups of hot chocolate:

In a bowl, break the chocolate into pieces and add mashed almonds over
Heat the milk over medium heat with the agave syrup until boiling
Pour hot milk over chocolate and almond puree
With a little whisk stir until the chocolate is completely melted
It’s ready! To be tasted hot
Enjoy ♥