The other day I showed you my peanut butter recipe, today I show you what I like to do at the moment with my peanut butter!
In Bordeaux, the summer season is a funny concept! A shot is 40, no one can go outside so it’s hot, the next day it’s 18, it rains at night and we put on a little sweatshirt until the next day or we can get back in shorts (add to that migraines that derive from it and colds in summer! Yes I am fragile and I exaggerate “slightly”).
All this to say that rain or not, 18 degrees or not we are still in the summer and I want to eat watermelons, ice cream, and milkshakes!

Last weekend we did this little craziness chocolate banana milkshake at tea time, we did it again in the evening with friends story that everyone valid 😉 and it was just WAOUH!
No need for much you will see and in two minutes has bent!

Strongly that we move to Marseille (day 15 !!) to finally know summer and we can do a lot of milkshake like this one!
In this recipe, I used almond milk (cow’s milk is very good too but I’m crazy about almond milk) and if you too you use vegetable milk I think that with hazelnuts + spelled must be really good with this recipe (you will tell me if you ever try before me).
I let you discover this simple recipe (the quantities can be re-adapted according to the desired consistency!)



Milk – 500ml
Chocolate ice cream – 3 big càs
Peanut butter – 2 large tablespoon
Banana (frozen or not) – 1


For 2 large glasses or 4 small (500ml of milkshake approximately)

The quantities can vary according to your own tastes and according to the desired consistency (with 500ml of milk the milkshake is easily drunk with straw because it is rather liquid!)

In the bowl of your blender, pour the milk
Add ice cream, peanut butter, and chopped banana
Rotate the blender
It’s ready!! To taste immediately 🙂

Enjoy ♥