NEVER Put These 12 Foods In The Fridge, Especially #7

You can’t probably imagine a life without a refrigerator. Where else would you keep your milk or yogurt without them going bad within a day? Unfortunately, not all food stays fresh in the fridge. On the contrary, it is even dangerous to keep certain foods stored in your refrigerator because some nutrients won’t hold up in cold temperatures. If you want to know what type of food you shouldn’t be keeping in the fridge, please continue reading. We will list the 12 foods that are mostly kept in the fridge, that have no business being in there! I can tell you for a fact that I will probably find number 9 in your fridge.

1. Tomatoes


Because of the cold air in your fridge, the ripening process of the tomatoes is interrupted which can result in a loss of texture and flavor and I think that is the last thing you want to happen to your tomatoes right? It is best if you keep your tomatoes outside of the fridge. You can keep them fresh for much longer if you keep them in a fruit bowl for example. This way you will keep the taste in tact and you will also add some color and volume to your fruit bowl!


2. Basil

You are probably wondering why basil is on this list. After all, you can find fresh basil leaves in the refrigerated area at the supermarket, is what you are thinking right? Basil is actually not resistant to cold temperature and the plant will wither in your refrigerator before you know it. Also, the plant will absorb the scent of the other foods stored in your fridge. To keep your basil fresh for a longer period of time, the best thing you can do is to treat it as a regular plant or flower and put the stem of the basil in a glass water. If after preparing your meal you find yourself having some basil leftover you can blanch the leaves and put it in your freezer. This way you can enjoy your basil leaves for a lot longer!


3. Potatoes

The cold temperature of your fridge will cause the skin of your potatoes to go bad quicker. If you keep them in the fridge for too long you will notice that your potatoes will shortly start tasting sweeter, drier and maybe even a little sandy. The reason for this is that the cold causes the starch that you find in your potatoes to process into sugar a lot faster than you would keep them stashed outside of the fridge. Instead of keeping your potatoes in the fridge, you should stash them in a place that is less cold such as a pantry or even a basement. Ultimately, you can store your potatoes in a paper bag, to provide your potatoes with better air circulation, resulting in them tasting fresh for much longer.


4. Olive oil and Sunflower oil

Many people keep their olive oil or sunflower oil in the fridge, but they have no business of being there. If you store olive oil in your fridge it will turn thick, opaque and it will turn lumpy. The reason for this is that the cold of the fridge will make your oil start to clot. The best place to keep your olive oil, or sunflower oil for that matter, is in a cool and dark place such as your pantry. Buy a dark glass bottle to keep your oil in, if you do so, you can store your oil until up even 18 months.


5. Onions

You can store onions for a very long time if you keep them in the right place. The best way to do this is to store your onions in the same way as you store your potatoes. In the previous point, I have mentioned what the best way is to store your potatoes (cold and dry places preferably in the pantry) Just pay attention that you don’t store your onions next to your potatoes. Because of the gasses that potatoes release, the onions could go bad much faster. Try keeping your onions and potatoes separate in your pantry by keeping them on different shelves.


6. Bread

By cutting off a couple of slices and keeping them in the freezer you can enjoy your bread for much longer. This way, the moment that you want to eat bread you can just defrost it and it will be as soft as if you just bought it. My advice to you is to try not to buy too much bread at once. Another thing that you can do is to buy two halves of a bread loaf instead of one whole, so you can eat one part and keep the other one in the freezer.



7. Avocado


Avocados are at their best when they are ripe because at that point they have reached the point where they have the most flavor. At this point, your natural instinct is probably to store them in the fridge, but don’t do this. Only if you have already cut the avocado in half, then you can actually keep it stored in the fridge. Make sure that at the moment you do this, you don’t remove the pit from the avocado. This way, the fruit will stay fresh for a lot longer.


8. Coffee

Some people claim that storing coffee in your fridge it will stay fresh for longer, but that is not true at all. Just like tomatoes, fresh coffee beans absorb the scents from the other products in your fridge, and as a result, will end up tasting differently. As a matter of fact, the other foods stored in your fridge will even lose their taste. The best thing you can do is to buy a dark container and store your coffee in there. This way the aroma of the coffee will not go to waste. If you bought a big amount of coffee that does not fit in the container you can store it in your freezer.

9. Eggs

Eat one egg Every Day

Everyone has at least a couple of eggs at home. It is one of those products that no matter what happens, you will always have them at your disposal. And why shouldn’t you? Eggs are great! But have you ever wondered where you should keep your eggs? Eggs will last longer in the fridge, provided you don’t put them in the door. The cold temperature of the fridge makes them last longer, but constant changes in temperature can make them go off quicker. Try to keep your eggs nearer in the back of the fridge, instead of in the door, where the temperature is more constant.

10. Condiments

There are a lot of people out there that store their mayonnaise, ketchup, and soy sauce in the fridge. Were you aware of the fact that it is completely unnecessary to do so? Most condiments contain natural and artificial preservatives that make them fresh for longer. You are probably wondering why manufacturers label the bottles of various sauces saying that they should be preserved in a cool and dry place? This is actually true but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the refrigerator, it can easily mean your kitchen cabinet. Even mayonnaise and ketchup can be kept outside of the fridge. Remember that homemade condiments are different. Because you made them from scratch, they do not have the same amounts of preservatives, resulting in them going bad faster. It is advisable to store those in the fridge.



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