Pancakes: 5 healthy recipes! [new]

Who says weekend says pancakes! It is the favorite meal of gourmet breakfasts and Sunday lunch brunch. On the other hand, this thick crepe is far from being a balanced meal! That’s why we came up with 5 healthy pancake recipes, easy to make!

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On the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States and Canada, the famous pancakes were born. These are relatively thick pancakes with about 230 calories per 50 grams (the equivalent of a pancake). They are usually garnished with sweet accompaniments such as chocolate, honey, or fruit. But it is also possible to eat it salty by adding scrambled eggs or English bacon! You will understand, they are very caloric! But a breakfast, the weekend, without pancakes, it’s not a real breakfast.

So here are the 5 healthy recipes!!   Go NEXT