Today I find you with a spinach kiwi spinach smoothie bowl recipe to fill up with vitamins and start the day off right.

If I say that it’s mostly because it’s the kind of drink and breakfast/snack I really need right now because I can not get rid of a nasty microbe that apparently has decided to stay at my house for a few days ^^.
The smoothies bowl I do not do every day but from time to time and it boosts me in a pretty incredible way.
I rarely put the recipes here because it’s very often the same (I do almost always the chocolate that everyone had confused with a chocolate mousse) and it’s still much better to customize this type drink according to its own tastes, its desires but also according to the seasons.
In this recipe, for example, I put spinach and cabbage kale (promised we do not feel the taste) but free to you to change the quantities according to what you feel at the time of tasting. You can also sweeten it with maple syrup, honey, agave syrup …
In short, it is the style of recipe that must be appropriated (a bit like all recipes in a general way ^^)!
The base of a smoothie bowl is usually banana and milk and then we add a little everything we want as fruits and vegetables.
Once you have a good smoothie and pour it into a bowl, you add a topping like chia seeds, almonds, nuts, dried fruits and/or fruit cut into pieces.
No need to invest in big equipment, a knife, a blender and go!
Rather than prepare these meals in the morning I prefer to make them taste when I start to nose down and when I know that a few hours later I go to play sports. I feel much better after and I’m in shape for the end of the day. Try you tell me !!
For the curious who would like to test, I leave you the recipe below hoping that it will please you and I wish you a good day.





For the smoothie
Almond milk (or milk of your choice ..) – 200ml
Maple syrup – 2 tbsp
Kiwis – 2
Bananas – 2
Fresh spinach – 1 good handle
Kale cabbage – 2 large leaves
For the topping
Kiwi – 1
Chia seed
Hazelnuts and crushed pistachios


For a large bowl or two medium bowls kiwi banana spinach:

Prepare your ingredients cut bananas and kiwi roughly as well as Kale cabbage leaves
In the bowl of your blender put the banana and kiwi pieces
Pour the almond milk (or soy etc …) and mix
Add kale leaves and spinach
Mix until a homogeneous mixture
Cool if you want to enjoy it fresh
Pour into one or two bowls
Prepare your topping (here a kiwi cut into pieces, pomegranate, pistachio and chia seeds)
Arrange your fruit, seed, etc. on your smoothie and enjoy without further delay.


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