The effectiveness of protein supplements, what you need to know

Registered for a while at the gym, you train daily and have a well-established sports training plan. You want to take the next step and you are tempted by protein supplements; Yes, but you do not know how it works when to take it, how often and for what purpose. The question of the impact of protein supplements on health is at the heart of the debate. What are the advantages and disadvantages? Here’s what you need to know about it.

From protein powder to a healthy physique?

Protein Powders

The majority of protein supplements are powdered, these are mainly composed of nutrients found in foods that are consumed daily. The transformation is done during the micro-filtration process; A technique that consists of isolating all fats, sugars, and minerals to keep only the necessary protein. From this mechanical process, we obtain a 90% powder composed of proteins! Protein concentrate is it not a little too much for the body? The answer is no because these proteins provide your body with the nutrients it needs and as a bonus, you get rid of fat. Indeed, in the form of powder, proteins are absorbed more quickly than when they are consumed in the form of solid foods, a good solution for your digestive system!

How to use protein supplements!

protein supplements

The essential thing to know is that you need healthy food in all circumstances, practicing a sporting activity will not be of great interest if the food does not follow, it goes hand in hand! In addition, proteins will have different effects depending on your goals. Mostly it is used to gain muscle mass, so when you start taking the protein it is important to practice a regular sports activity. During your session you make physical efforts, you tend to eliminate fat mass. Once the session is over your body will resume a normal rhythm and thus tap into your protein reserves to rebuild. The proteins will allow your muscle to grow. Use supplements with several sources of protein, such as egg-based proteins or vegetable proteins from legumes.

Pay attention to overdose!

Just like the nutrients, it is important to respect the quantities otherwise you expose yourself to a risk of weight gain. In the form of powder, the proteins are absorbed very quickly. Therefore if you ingest a large amount of protein (whey based for example), without regular training, you will have effects contrary to your goals. Pay attention to the products you buy, by reading well the conditions of consumption as well as the origin and the norms. Some products contain residues of doping products and therefore are harmful to health. It is best to buy in stores with the advice of a doctor.

Whatever their benefits, the consumption of protein supplements requires special attention. They are not necessary if your diet is balanced. Before consuming, talk to your doctor who will advise you on your diet.